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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

Donna Kirk

Dear Readers,

One thing in life is constant; that’s change. If the current circumstances have shown us anything, it’s that we humans are incredibly resilient and creative. I’m constantly amazed by our resourcefulness and adaptability brought about by the pandemic. My desire for this issue, as always, is to be an informed, yet uplifting source of healthy inspiration. It’s important to acknowledge what’s going on in our communities without wallowing in it.

I decided at the last minute in March not to print an April issue, mainly due to stay-at-home efforts, business closures and travel restrictions. Therefore, this is a somewhat unprecedented, combined April/May issue. You will find there’s no calendar this month, for obvious reasons. My intention for coming months is to return to a sense of normalcy, however that manifests. Clearly, our former sense of what’s “normal” exists no more.

I know many people are allowing this time to shine a bright light on what
resonates in their lives, and what doesn’t. Even before the pandemic hit, I decided to
place the Natural Awakenings Indy franchise on the market for sale. It’s been a wonderful
experience, and I’m grateful for my time as Publisher. And I will continue
to publish the magazine until the new owner steps forward to claim his/her soul’s

Now more than ever I ask that we support our communities and local economies
by purchasing goods and services locally. Especially the businesses who advertise
in Natural Awakenings Indy. Without them, there is no free monthly publication.
Let them know you saw them in the magazine. Every mention helps!

As Mother’s Day approaches, my wish is that all moms— literal, adoptive,
caretakers, and bringers of new life know peace in our lives. With schools out, jobs
lost or on hold, and our “normal” realities disrupted, let’s focus on what we do have.
What we’re able to do and be. True empowerment. Whatever it is that “lights you
up” inside is what matters right now. Our communities and our world, for that matter,
need more people who are lit up from within!

Here’s to shining our lights brilliantly!

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