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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Cereset Carmel Open to Support Immune Systems; Special Offer For Healthcare Workers, First Responders, and Their Families

As Cereset technology is proven to support a stronger immune system, it is essential that Cereset Carmel remains open to see clients during this unprecedented, stress-inducing time. Hours have been extended to provide ample time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the office between clients. Cereset Carmel’s owner and practitioner, Brenda Hanning, is offering a unique two-session Rapid Stress Reset Package to health workers, first responders and their families.

Fear, economic slow downs, human isolation and suffering, and physical/mental/emotional vulnerability elevate stress and anxiety. Chronic stress lowers the immune system and it lowers the cognitive processing capability. According to Hanning, “COVID-19 is the greatest single source of chronic stress in the world since WWII, the great depression, or the 1918 Spanish flu.”

Cereset technology uses 55,000 engineered musical tones to help the brain reset itself to its natural balance. It is an advanced, noninvasive technology that supports the brain, in order to naturally recover from the detrimental effects of stress. As mental stress is reduced, the immune system is supported and less stressed as well, leading to overall improved mental and physical health.

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