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Letter from Publisher

Dear Readers, Indiana businesses are starting to “reopen,” and for the first time in months we have more choices about how to show up in the community. More to explore, more events— socially distanced, of course!!!

It’s feeling like summer, as local farmer’s markets have returned. Please support our local farmers, especially our advertiser, Silverthorn Farm. They offer pickups at their farm or at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. Outdoor activities are picking up as well! And here’s to hoping for pools to open on time for the inevitable Indiana heatwave coming soon. I’m finding mowing the lawn and tending to my flowers highly satisfying. Walking our puppy and bike-riding with my daughters soothe the soul. Nature always manages to heal us, in whatever ways we need.

As our communities re-integrate, I’m witnessing the value of “KISS.” Also known as, Keep It Simple, Silly! (At least, this is the version I use with my kiddos.) When in doubt, keep it simple. Anything else is just noise. And we have SO much noise in our daily lives, online, on social media, that anxiety and mental illnesses are skyrocketing. I ask, how do you feel after reading this printed magazine, even for an hour, vs. spending an hour online? Staring at a video screen? Eliminate the noise, gain clarity. And maybe regain a little sanity!

As Father’s Day approaches this month, consider this regarding the masculine energy: He really likes to KISS. To keep it simple. How many men do we know who like things to be complicated? Personally, I don’t know a single one. For the men in our lives, keep it simple, yet meaningful. Life is beautiful without so much noise and complication!

Here’s to a beautiful, simplified month of June!



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