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Cereset Carmel Offers Rapid Stress Reset

For a limited time, save over $300 by trying two BrainEcho Rapid Stress Reset sessions, under an hour each, as an easy and effective way to help your brain help you boost your immune system.

The brain “drives” your body and therefore affects your overall immune system. When we are under high stress, our immune system suffers and may struggle to protect us from infections to keep us healthy. There IS a cost for doing nothing about your stress- your brain drives how your stress is handled. If it is well balanced and functioning fully, it can handle stress well. When the brain is stuck in a stress reactive imbalance, your body is less able to sustain your health. Stress is one of the greatest antagonists to our immune system and weakens our physical capability to fight a virus after exposure. Left unchecked, your brain’s reaction to chronic stress is likely to cause other severe imbalances- sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, mood disturbance, and burnout are major indicators that we are being affected by chronic stress.

Clinical trials using Cereset technology have shown a substantial reduction in inflammation levels, as well as helping the brain to balance the freeze / fight-flight system.

Location: 160 W. Carmel Dr., Ste. 186, Carmel. By appointment only. For more information, call 317-922-7588, email [email protected], or visit
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