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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

Dear Readers,

As always, my intention for this issue is to provide a source of inspiration for your health, wellness, and environment. To be a source of empowerment. The thing is, many struggle to feel empowered when the ground buckles beneath our feet. And we all have witnessed the buckling, courtesy of the year 2020.

Full disclosure: I’m a Scorpio. I live in the murky, dark waters and will go as deep as I can. Sometimes the speaking of love, light and togetherness doesn’t quite reach me. Meaning, it’s not my natural way of being. This allows me to see from a different perspective. Personally and professionally, I’ve been rather quiet, in observation of world events. Our world is a mirror—that means what we see outside is what’s happening inside. And what I observe is a world re-evaluating its identity. Shifting to an entirely new one; shedding the old, yet still anticipating the new. It feels chaotic but is a requirement to uplevel. Where some see problems, I see growth.

Recently my life experiences compelled me to evaluate my own self-worth. I had to ask how much I valued myself and what was at risk if I remained in the situation. When I dug DEEP, the answer was the one I’d known all along. That I absolutely could not, under any circumstance, continue in the same manner. I stood my ground, holding to my values and self-worth without budging, without fear of the ground buckling beneath my feet. I gambled on ME, knowing that the fear didn’t define me. That I’d be ok no matter what result.

I believe in every moment we’re sending a signal to the universe that says “this is what I believe I’m worth.” The universe is always listening, and always responding. However, the confusion lies in not really seeing the truth of the signal we’re sending out. When we find ourselves in undesirable situations, it’s often because we devalued ourselves. We’ve compromised, and the universe has responded accordingly.

I invite you to take a magnifying glass to every area of your life. Energy does not compartmentalize; what’s happening in one area is absolutely affecting the others. In other words, a behavior present in your parenting, for example, will show up in your business. Growth and expansion are often messy and dark. But so worth it. When I stood my ground, believing in myself and all that I am, I got everything I wanted. And more.


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