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Expressing Your Inner Truth with the Throat Chakra

Jul 01, 2020 09:00AM ● By Laura Baker
Within our body resides multiple energy fields called chakras. Although each chakra has its own unique purpose, together they play an important role in the body’s energetic system. When chakras are open and clear, the mind, body, and spirit will feel harmonious and in balance. When the chakras are disrupted by daily stress, toxins, or illness, we may feel fatigue, anxious, depressed, and/or general dis-ease.

The fifth chakra is called the throat or Vishuddha. It sits at the pit of our throat and is connected to our ability to communicate our needs in a confident, clear, and truthful way. When the throat chakra is in balance, it allows us to express ourselves diplomatically, and we are able to listen deeply and with compassion.

When the throat chakra is blocked, we are unable to listen to our own needs and the needs of those in our life. We may feel anxious or depressed, and as if we lack a life purpose. We may believe we are misunderstood by others, and that we cannot be our true authentic self.

Exercises to Balance and Restore the Throat Chakra

Expression of self is vital to the health and wellbeing of the throat chakra. Here are three exercises to practice unblocking and opening the throat chakra:

Talk it out. Set the intention to be open and honest in your communication. Express yourself fully and genuinely with close friends and family.

Listen with Compassion. Most of us listen to others with the intention to speak or share our perspective. Instead, instead of truly listening, we are preparing our own response. To open the throat chakra, practice listening. Train your mind to listen to the other person speak and not to prepare a response. When your response is needed, be authentic.

Journal. Journaling our uncensored thoughts and feelings is a powerful method of expression. It allows us to see our authentic self and provides an outlet when we do not feel safe to express our truth.

Laura Baker is an intuitive energy healer and reiki master in the Indianapolis area. Connect with her at
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