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Letter from Publisher

Jul 31, 2020 09:00AM ● By Donna Kirk
Dear Readers,

The month of August brings more transition as we prepare for schools to start; while temperatures are still hot, we begin the shift to a cooler, autumn mindset. My daughters will begin school soon— at least, that’s the current plan. It’s exciting to invite back in some of the “normal” from pre-covid times, but I, for one, am taking it moment by moment.

If I’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that detachment from outcomes is crucial. Meaning, we can make plans or have goals. But the moment we attach to that one outcome being the only possibility, we give it power. And it’s impossible to be empowered while giving away our power. That’s an energy leak. Plugging up those holes in your energetic field is THE way to be truly empowered.

This month I’m so happy to welcome back Wendell Fowler as a contributing writer for Natural Awakenings Indy. He was away for a few months, but his new ar- ticle “Good Vibes” is sure to inspire. August has taken on quite the energetic theme, with Laura Baker’s “A New Way of Seeing,” and “The Inward Journey” by Vivek Raghuram. Treating the physical side of energy is Sydney Johnson’s article, “Carbon Neutral Indiana.”

Continuing in the energy theme, we welcome two new advertisers this month— Lina Natale and Hannah Fay Sharples. Both are practitioners of energy healing modalities, and I welcome them graciously. (They are able to help you plug up those energy leaks!) Without our advertisers, this magazine would not exist. So please let them know you saw them in Natural Awakenings Indy!



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