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THE RESULTS ARE IN — Cereset Carmel

Now, more than ever, our anxiety is at an all-time high. Whether you’re a business owner, health care worker, or civilian trying to stay healthy, we are all feeling anxious about the current state of our world. Life may seem to have slowed down but our racing thoughts have probably sped up.

Cereset relaxes your brain so that it can best support Y O U!

In a recent cumulation of clinical study data, Cereset was 91% effective even after 6 months in alleviating 109 participants of moderate to severe anxiety. This FAR surpasses any other intervention.

Your brain is an amazingly complex and capable part of your body. But sometimes it can use a little help. Stress can lead to insomnia, feelings of restlessness, an inability to focus or a lack of joy. Cereset can help your brain reset itself, restoring your brain’s rhythm naturally, enabling it to manage stress more effectively. Evidence can be found online at

Location: 160 W. Carmel Dr., Ste. 186, Carmel. By appointment only. For more information, call 317-922-7588, email [email protected], or visit
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