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DR. TED REESE: of Indianapolis Dentistry

Aug 31, 2020 09:30AM ● By Donna Kirk, NA Indy Publisher
This month Natural Awakenings Indy highlights the work of Dr. Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD, NMD of Indianapolis Dentistry. As a leader in holistic dentistry here in Indianapolis, he provides readers some valuable insight into his health philosophy, holistic dentistry practice, and perspective on a natural approach to healthcare.

DK: How did you become so passionate about your holistic approach to dentistry?

Dr. Reese: My interest in holistic health care and dentistry in particular evolved after experiencing personal and family issues with overcoming health threats and concerns during the last 15 years.

DK: How has your practice evolved to this point in 2020: mission, approach, unique offerings/services? Why is your dental practice different from others?

Dr. Reese: My practice has always been progressive and comprehensive in nature. Upon learning and becoming aware of healthier modalities, services, materials and techniques, I quickly saw the benefits of such an approach to healthcare and dental care in particular. At this time, we utilize many techniques unfamiliar to most dental practices ranging from:

  • Laser therapy for pain relief
  • Laser utilization for infant tongue and lip tie corrections to alleviate nursing latch difficulties
  • Ozone therapy for tooth sensitivity, decay surface disinfection, periodontal therapy arrestment, and extraction socket disinfection
  • CBCT, Cone Beam radiography to provide 3 dimensional analysis of teeth, bone and jaw anomalies and diseases
  • TMJ services to address the often overlooked link to head, facial and jaw pain utilizing physical therapy modalities often unknown to dental care
  • Platelet rich plasma and fibrin therapies for ‘natural’ healing boosts and immune protection
DK: What needs to happen to bring more people to awareness of the importance of a natural approach to their health?

Dr. Reese: Many people are forced into investigating alternative health care after making the realization that traditional allopathic medicine has failed to provide the help needed or in fact may have made their conditions worse or even more sick from side effects known or unknown from prescribed medications. I think our bodies have an innate knowledge and desire to heal themselves or at least improve from the conditions being suffered (For example, we don’t make a conscious decision or effort to begin the clotting process when we cut our skin, our bodies bring this process about inherently.) A holistic or alternative approach to healthcare looks beyond the traditional ‘take these pills, then schedule this surgery’ mentality to uncover all options, traditional or holistic, to bring about healing and ultimate health.

DK: What is the biggest surprise you’ve experienced so far about your work?

Dr. Reese: My biggest surprise, or ‘Aha’ moment has been seeing the results in my own health through utilizing supplemental health measures vs. traditional prescription meds.

DK: What gets you most excited about the holistic work that you do?

Dr. Reese: I get most excited about seeing people improve in their health, experiencing decreased pain, and enjoying their lives more because they are healthier and more pain free through efforts that are much less invasive, less costly, and lasting.

DK: Is there anything frustrating about your work? What would you most like to see change?

Dr. Reese: I think the most frustrating aspect of providing holistic or alternative care is breaking through the ‘fixed’ mindsets that patients and practitioners alike have held onto that only allopathic and traditional medicine can bring about health and healing.

DK: What do you most want Natural Awakenings Indy’s readers to really understand about you and your practice?

Dr. Reese: I’d most like the Natural Awakenings readers to understand that I have evolved or progressed in my practice offerings and understandings to provide care that is not only safe and appropriate, but preferred in light of the understanding provided by incorporating alternative therapies that have yet to reach mainstream healthcare.

Dr. Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD, NMD. Indianapolis Dentistry, 7218 US 31 S, Indianapolis. 317-953-5392 or visit For general information on Holistic Dentistry, visit Holistic-; the International Academy Of Biological Dentistry and Medicine at; the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

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