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Beat Seasonal Blues with Energy Medicine

It’s official: the holiday season is upon us. For some, this brings with it feelings of happiness, excitement, and joy. For others, this creates emotions of sadness, isolation, and apprehension. In addition to the holiday chaos, Indiana residents may dread this time of year due to the colder temperatures, the shorter days, and typically overcast skies.

Energy medicine can assist with beating those seasonal blues. Energy medicine can be used on its own or in conjunction with traditional medicine. If you feel that you may be struggling with depression, please be sure to see your doctor.

4 Tips for Beating Seasonal Blues

1. Book a session with an Energy Healer or Reiki Practitioner. The Indianapolis area has several energy medicine practitioners. Don’t feel up to leaving the house? No problem! Many practitioners also specialize in distance energy healing.

2. Listen to Healing Music and Tones. Did you know there are music and tones designed to lift your spirits? You can find free tones on apps such as Insight Timer and YouTube. Look for music created with a frequency of 432 hertz and read the descriptions to determine the most suitable to fit your needs. Be sure to listen with headphones or earbuds for best results.

3. Go for a walk. I know what you’re thinking. It’s cold. The sky is gray. The trees look sad with no leaves. But, I am here to tell you that just a quick 15 minute walk around the neighborhood can improve your mood. Why? Because movement moves stagnant energy. So, grab a coat and hat, and get moving!

4. Deep breathing. Three times a day, practice taking deep belly breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. Bringing more oxygen to the body reduces stress and brings more energy into your body. I wish you happy holidays and happy energy!

Laura Baker is an intuitive energy healer, distance healer, and reiki master in the Indianapolis area. Connect with her at
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