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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Brenda Hanning, Owner Cereset Carmel

Cereset Carmel

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160 W. Carmel Dr. #186
Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 922-7588

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Business Hours

6:00 am 6:00 am

Founded 2003

We Help Your Brain Help You

I am thrilled to be able to provide this technology as I believe it is the answer for many suffering people.

Cereset is a wellness company dedicated to helping people achieve restful and restorative sleep through advanced, non-invasive technology that supports the brain in naturally recovering from the detrimental effects of stress. Stress creates imbalances in the brain that can manifest in a host of ways, including sleep disturbances and inability to get the necessary amount of sleep your body needs.

Cereset uses patented BrainEcho technology that reflects the brain's own activity back to itself through musical tones. The musical tones support the brain to stabilize itself and thus relax. When the brain relaxes it resets itself and imbalances are self-corrected. This is most often seen when one hemisphere is over-active, and a relaxed brain quiets the over-activated hemisphere.