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Calendar Listings: Dated and Ongoing

*****Calendar events must be under $50. Events with admission over $50 will not be processed. Word limit: 50 words total.  
Deadline is 10th of the month prior to publication. Ongoing events must be submitted each month.

Please format event listings as follows: Title of event, time, brief description, cost, address, phone number, website. Events with inaccurate/missing information may not be included.

Article Submissions:

ALL Article Submissions--Deadline is 5th of the month prior to publication.
  • Please email articles in a Word Document according to guidelines below to: P[email protected] 
  • We cannot guarantee publication, and if accepted, we may not publish your piece immediately. If you would like us to keep the submission for future consideration, please let us know when submitting your article.
  • Your original work will most likely be edited to fit our magazine’s style guidelines and we reserve that right.
  • Please read all info below for details about different types of articles found in NA Indy.

Natural Awakenings writing guidelines:

  • Establish a strong lead paragraph and compelling close.
  • Remember the five Ws: who, what, where, when and why.
  • Write in third-person news style for briefs & most articles (them/they/those/people/attendees.)
  • Alternatively, for articles, use we/our/us. Avoid the less formal second-person ‘you.’
  • Use a clear, logical order for content. (Samples at
  • Use action verbs (ABC offers; not ABC is offering.)
  • Use plain language and briefly define technical terms.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short.
  • Include short anecdotes or case studies to illustrate key points–then expand the focus to a wider context.
  • Use strong, genuine quotes to aid in reader identification.
  • Add credibility with scientific studies, statistics and updates on trends.
  • Single space after periods.
  • Punctuation inside "quotes."

What our readers expect:

  • A focus on hope, healing, practical tips and benefits. Every reader wants to know how they can personally use and benefit from this information in their life journey.
  • All medical or health claims are attributed with scientific study results; cite credible, authoritative sources. List additional resources in an italicized endnote.

What will not be published:

  • Depressing lists of symptoms and technical details of treatment.
  • Extended, first-person (I/me/my) accounts of life journeys.
  • Marketing or sales copy heavy on blatant self-promotion disguised as an article. This is considered advertorial and is charged at display ad rates.
  • Length: 250 – 1200 words.
  • Articles should be written in simple terms, and impart information in a way that does not sound self-serving.
  • Rather than tackling a vast subject, it is better to focus on a particular segment (Example: Using Chinese Medicine to Treat Menopause rather than Everything You Want to Know About Chinese Medicine.)
  • Article submissions should include facts and/or statistics that would be of interest to our readers. Any medical claims should be accompanied by cited research or credible source(s.)
  • We reserve the right to edit all submissions.
  • Please include a brief biography at the end of your article.
NEWS BRIEF: A timely, newsworthy item that typically makes an announcement to readers. Whether you’ve opened a new office, have a special event coming up or are offering a new therapy, we want to hear about it. News Briefs must be written in third person and relevant to our subject matter. This is not an advertisement and should not be written as such. We reserve the right to edit all submissions. Current advertisers receive priority.

KUDOS: Do you have someone in mind who deserves special recognition for a recent achievement? Did you just pass your licensing exam? We want to let everyone know.

  • News Brief and Kudos Length: 50-250 words.
HEALTH BRIEF: Highlights the latest research studies, trends and tips. Each focuses on a particular topic, such as food, supplements, self-care, beauty, balance and fitness. Submissions should always contain doable solutions or pertinent research findings on common conditions or health issues. 
  • Health Brief Length: 50-200 words.
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: A feature article about someone who is contributing to the local community in special ways. While we usually interview selected people and write these articles ourselves, we welcome your submissions. You can write a whole article or simply let us know why you think that you or someone one you know should be put into the local Natural Awakenings Community Spotlight.
  • Community Spotlight Length: 500-1000 words.

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